Issues with Talk to a Hacker appointments
Incident Report for Fluid Attacks


At least two users experienced issues scheduling Talk to a Hacker appointments. The issue started on UTC-5 24-06-26 16:00 and was reactively discovered 1.4 hours (TTD) later by a customer who reported to an engagement manager [1] that the Talk to a Hacker feature displayed the message This calendar is currently unavailable. The problem was resolved in 15.3 hours (TTF) resulting in a total impact of 16.8 hours (TTR) [2].


Insufficient permissions between Calendly and Google Calendar caused the issue.


Creating a dedicated Calendly account was necessary to manage permissions effectively for its associated calendar.


Monitoring the Calendly account linked to Talk to a Hacker on the platform is essential for ensuring functionality and availability. THIRD_PARTY_ERROR

Posted Jun 27, 2024 - 17:09 GMT-05:00

The incident has been resolved, and users can now schedule Talk to a Hacker appointments without issues.
Posted Jun 27, 2024 - 08:53 GMT-05:00
It has been detected that users cannot schedule `Talk to a Hacker` appointments due to a `This calendar is currently unavailable` message.
Posted Jun 26, 2024 - 18:09 GMT-05:00
This incident affected: Platform.