A blank screen is returned when entering edit environments
Incident Report for Fluid Attacks


At least two organizations encountered a blank screen when attempting to add/edit environments in the Roots editing panel. The issue started on UTC-5 23-09-06 13:21 and was reactively discovered 2 days (TTD) later by a user who reported the issue through our help desk [1]. The user encountered a white screen when trying to add an environment to a root. The problem was resolved in 2.8 hours (TTF) resulting in a total impact of 2.2 days (TTR).


The useStoredState hook was used to persist sorting preferences. However, the code failed to call the useState function required by this hook for proper functionality [2]. Consequently, the value was not updated correctly, causing preferences set in one table to be applied globally instead of separately for each table. This led to errors when switching between tables, resulting in the platform displaying a white screen.


Disabling the persistence of the sorting preferences [3], prevented the saving of sorting options and mitigated the issue, serving as a temporary workaround to eliminate the blank screen bug. However, the engineering team is actively working on re-enabling the persistence of sorting options.


This incident shared similarities with this other incident, and both were resolved concurrently.

While the platform had tests confirming correct sorting in the tables, these tests did not account for the sorting persistence functionality, which was newly introduced. Consequently, no tests were added for this feature, nor were they effectively tested manually upon implementation. MISSING_TEST

Posted Sep 15, 2023 - 13:35 GMT-05:00

The engineering team has analyzed the case and it has been determined that it has been solved and you can edit the environments without any inconvenience.
Posted Sep 08, 2023 - 17:58 GMT-05:00
Situations have been observed in which a blank screen is generated when trying to modify the environments in the roots panel.
Posted Sep 08, 2023 - 14:26 GMT-05:00
This incident affected: Platform.